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When setting up your own website there is a lot to consider. Here we try to give you some advice about what to think of.

The Right Name

How you choose your domain name will depend on what level you are with your business. If you're already trading, you'll want to choose a domain name that comes to close to matching your business name or what you do as a business. Of course, if you have a popular name your first choice may not be available and a domain name that has already been registered may prove expensive to buy as there is a lively trade in domain names. If your company name is a registered trademark ® or has copyright © and someone else has registered the domain name, you can look into a legal challenge as this could be classed as 'Cyber Squatting'.

In case you cannot get your preffered domain name, don't worry. There are virtually endless domain variations available like .NET, .BIZ, .CO or .UK instead of just .CO.UK or .COM, which could end up being a cheaper option.

If you are a start-up and haven't yet launched your business, it might be a good idea to check if your prefered domain name is available before deciding on a company name, especially if you want them both to be the same.

Owning a domain name also gives you a weapon in marketing your business. Using domain-based email addresses shows a bigger level of professionalism than you can get from a free email address such as Hotmail, Google or Yahoo.


Make sure your artwork is free from copyright by any third party.

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