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Every business person knows the value of a good website, however a lot of small business owners view web design as complex, technical and time consuming and will usually take the decision to outsource this task. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of pounds for a professional web designer.

12three.co.uk is a midlands based web design company that offers a friendly, professional, personal, and hassle free service. With over 15 years experience in designing and developing quality, affordable websites we invite you to contact us for your next project.

All of our work is done in-house and to current web standards. No outsourcing, which means faster turnaround and a better understanding of your project. If you need us we are just a phone call or email away, happy to answer any question.

What about online website builders?

Low-cost DIY websites are made with templates you customise yourself, one of the downsides is that there will be a learning curve, which can be steep. Another downside is that your website will not be an individual design and will look like a lot of other websites out there. Although this option may be adequate for some businesses, you have to ask yourself the question: Am I confident enough to build my own website? Even if the answer is 'yes' the next question should be: Do I have the time to do so? This is why, in our opinion, hiring a professional web designer is more cost effective in the long run.

Why Us?

  • We are passionate about what we do, care about performance and understand your website is an important marketing tool.
  • We will support you and have the skills to help you with almost any project.
  • We have happy clients who give us repeat business and recommend us.
  • We offer a complete solution for small businesses.

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Contact Us
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